July 21, 2007

This autumn of love,
Unexpected and bizarre,
Barefoot, I was born.

Fleeting, knee deep world,
Three degrees of difference,
You jabbed me right in.

Am I your dagger?
Your little love sheath of hope?
Wrapped around your waist?

You slip past me,
Silence feels like a penny,
Cold and distasteful.

This spring of love,
Still undecided for us,
The ice longs to break.

July 12, 2007

Lazy winter mornings,
The skin scales and frosts,
Breath from another brings alive,
Summer wishes in time, caught.

The grey skies are threatening,
To recite a eulogy of seasons,
Light rays escape just like you do,
For rebellion is all that binds you
With nature and unreason.

I count your sighs,
We are but hungry souls,
Somwhere within your heavy eyelids,
I sheepishly place a begging bowl.

July has begun, winter knows her way,
August will be back to haunt,
April and May are your bygones,
While September is our sarcastic taunt.

Naked we can silently remain,
Beneath these blankets of a future unknown,
Come closer now, let's not spare an inch,
Of all that is there to discover to the bone.

July 11, 2007

The Burning Ship Fractal

I see you waking,
The burning ship on the horizon,
A fractal of yourself,
Infinitely spurning inside out,
I touch and breathe you,
Every bit of you repeating,
Eternally into you.

Make me the mast,
Or make me the sail,
Make me the propeller,
That propels your fate.
Make me the sailor,
Who kisses your wooden heart,
I long to repeat within you,
A million times before we start.

Fractals fascinate me,
You must be a fractal,
A burning ship within a burning ship,
The longing that leaves
Fervent kisses in my head.
Tattooes on the brain,
Are seldom reversable,
You are the fractal in my head,
Incredibly perfect and incurable.

You are the burning ship,
The burning ship fractal,
That will stay between my eyes,
Repeating yourself eternally,
Till I become the homesick sailor,
Who finds home
Within your salty floorboards.