December 25, 2006

Morning Conversations

“Has Santa grown fat?”
“But dear, he died last year...”
Damn, she got there first.

December 24, 2006

Date No.6

Hello world, she sang,
Hello world, I sang along,
He sure looked puzzled.


Jump, I said,
He tripped on a step,
In approval.

Fall, I said,
He rolled on his back,
And giggled.

Cry, I said,
And he looked at me
With sadness,
Quite unlike him.

Fly, I said,
My bird laughed.

Untitled : 5

Yellow stones weep,
For the solemn passing stream,
That holds her last breath.

This December

Drench me in your voice,
Goosebumps crave to surface,

This cold December.

Undeniable Logic

Elements in trance,
Persuade time to watch;

‘File not found.’

Happy Birthday

In the throes of March,
Unmolested by proverbs,

I pluck on my past.

June Mornings

June mornings are bitter
Sweet in embrace, cunning

In reason, I dreamt.

Untitled : 4

Trip, fall, rise and walk,
Lick your wounds and sniff the air,

Bastard’s nearby.

My understanding of Geometry

When trapped in a square,
You might trip on odd circles.

Just blame the rhomboids.

Untitled : 3

To and forth it walks,
The reckless drop of water,

That slipped on my palm.

Writings on the Head

‘Flee my child!’ They warned,
And yet she stood there, waiting

To converse with fate.

Mr.Haiku and his mysterious deeds

‘Guilty!’ They cried,
‘Not guilty’, they whispered,

The syllables missing.

Untitled : 2

Fleeting pixie wish,
On an icy winter night,

To find you sooner.

Untitled : 1

When ambition strikes,
Look it thrice in the eye, and
Flash a wicked smile.