April 14, 2008

Look here now, these ambitions lie still,
We talk in whispers here, no more lunching now,
There is more tea to silence those,
Those who disturb the air,
That still, artificial, conditioned air,
My heart is tearing open here,
This place right opposite you,
This place next to your indifference,
My heart is ripping open,
This shirt is wet with shame now,
There's a deadline in my eye,
And music in my ears,
Another year and I'll be done for,
Another year and I might leap.

Swallow that heart and look straight,
That still, artificial conditioned look,
This music right next to your indifference,
This music right opposite you,
My voice is ripping open, here,
Look, my head now deaf,
My head is now a world,
Now a universe, now a void,
Now a memory, now a static,
Swallow that head, look straight now,
We don't have time for a lump in your throat,
We don't have room for permeable shields,
Buck up! Buck up now, we'll be back here,
24 hours at late and we'll be back where we started.

The world revisits, every now and then,
To watch over ambitions paused,
To watch if they'll dare to move,
Every night, I hear them rattle,
Every night I hear a broken heart weep,
Every morning I watch this picture in my head,
A picture of you and me, this time to keep.

April 8, 2008

All the women and their silver wigs,
The men and lonely songs that follow their drinks,
There are handles here to keep you from falling off,
And shared cheap reasons to hold your ground.

You can ask for your dose of chaos on the rocks,
And gaze into the eyes of the stranger who wants you to talk,
Rub some glitter into the pit of your palm,
And call them stars when the silver wigs drop.

This dance of complexity is the order of my life,
The world is a raging bar that churns,
The world is six walls and a hundred feet on your chest,
Find a prayer and pick your corner to burn.