September 29, 2007

To love and learn,
Is one.

To live and learn,
Is another.

So much ado over the Heart;
The Brain must snigger
In his empty throne.

September 24, 2007

A walk with the wind in the prison of time,
Free spirits in her collarbone entice me,
Earth tethers me down with her adoration,
Yet I long for the wind and her company.

You whisper so much that I almost believe,
Our one-fine-day is a lot nearer than reality,
You sift through these memories with eerie ease,
Earth and her comforting dirt over my feet.

How will I pass that half of my life,
Where the world sleeps and you awake,
Those twelve hours of comfort and slumber,
That first fall of a quiet snowflake.

As painful as it is, to write,
That I have to let go of you tonight,
I know the Earth will plant new seeds,
Of hope unfair and faith unheeded.

September 16, 2007

How do I articulate,
This image of you,
In my heart?

Do I embrace them cliches,
And tell you that you're beautiful?
Or tear the ground with my nails,
And pick pretty pink words,
And arrange them in a poem for you?

Or do I walk past in silence,
Because I would rather leave you
Unscathed by words?

I wish I could simply take your hand,
And plunge it into my heart,
And leave these words aside.

September 11, 2007

If this world were big enough,
It would fit in your palms,
Cup your hands and kiss this void,
Till the world matures in your warmth.

Part my skin and pick a nerve,
Soak your fingers, gauge the soil,
Pick the seeds within your frock,
Throw them careless, laced with luck.

This wisp of a life is not your gamble,
The tide of my blood speaks louder,
Can't you feel it wash your hands,
Crash on your fingers and sink into sand?

If this world were big enough,
It would hold just you inside,
Life and air would play no part,
Love would no more hide.

Cup your hands and kiss this void,
I want to fall asleep now,
I want to sleep till dawn finds courage,
Till the world matures in your warmth.