April 29, 2007

Where to Now?

Where to now?
We tried the laughing mirrors,
Your face and mine, twisted
And merged as we giggled,
Your pout magnified
Against my frown.

Where to now?
We warred against us,
Virtual swords and dragons,
Your babble against
My silence.
We warred against us.

Where to now?
Pick the card of luck,
Destiny and fate in a cup,
Pink, yellow, blue or purple?
He shifts lightning between
His fingers.
Go on, pick our card of luck.

Where to now?
Five notes to reach the sky,
In a circle, again and again,
Music in our heads,
Wind in our hair,
Your confession against mine.
Just five notes.

Where to now?
A raindance, perhaps,
Water that breaks through
Our barriers.
Lights and drops of desire,
Disclosure through rhythm.
A raindance, perhaps.

Where to now?
Another rollercoaster?
You already have me spinning,
Promise you'll hold my hand,
When it gets blurry and hazy,
Promise to laugh your heart out,
To assure you're right next to me.
It's just another rollercoaster.

Where to now?
All moisture robbed by passing air,
All things unsaid bouncing the line,
Your hands juggling
My flimsiness,
There must be something
That holds us together.

Where to now?
I'll wait forever,
If that's what it takes,
This brown gate my very home,
Hanging by the thread
Of your conflict.
I'll wait forever.

April 27, 2007

In a Quagmire

Cuddled in your womb,
This cord helps me lose myself,
Your cells untie me.

In you, I ferment,
My wrists bound, they delight in
Fluid reverie.

Churn me inside out,
Let me dissolve and flow through
Every inch of you.

I will hold you up,
No quagmire can shake this us,
Our here and our now.


Now is not the time,
Two seas and a lie apart,
Rains wash me to you.

April 25, 2007

White Corners

Be mine,
That white corner,
We can share,
I'll let you disrobe,
And undo the puzzle,
I'll let you cry,
Hurt and heal.

I'll nurse the wound,
I'll make it my altar,
Plait your hair and
Waste your tears
Upon my blind heart.

We'll take those
Casual mid-day walks,
Seething sun and
Parched earth,
Dying to drink us up,
Dying to parch our voice.
We'll walk and
Not say a word.

I'll let you fall,
Fall and run,
Run and hide amongst
Maple trees.
I'll find you still
All over again,
These goblins
At our feet,
Guiding us through.

Don't ask me to wait,
Fleeting emotions
Are all that remain,
Permanency lost
And lost again.
Just come by and
We'll rest in
The white corner.

April 19, 2007


I knew her once,
Pressed against my sweater,
I knew her once,
Laughing at my silence.

I knew little,
Her mind wavered,
I knew little,
Distance gained velocity.

I know her now,
Unbothered and cold,
I know her now,
Love's little I-don't-care game.

I'll know her tomorrow,
In the confines of
Another city unflinched,
By misled pasts, our past.

April 16, 2007


You are,
Where magic falters.

You are,
Where love flinches.

You are,
But a child.

You are,
My unclaimed own.

You are,
My forsaken thoughts.

You are,
The disturbed meat.

You are,
The wine that follows.

You are,
My forbidden lyrics.

You are,
My unaffordable silence.

And I am,
Just a mere poet.

And I am,
Just a longing.

I am,
The longing.

The longing that divides,
The longing that multiplies,

The longing that dances,
Along the circumference,

Of a euclidean mystery.

April 15, 2007

There She Goes

How do you think beyond a kiss?
You grabbed my shy collar
And kissed me in the car,
Minutes away from inevitable separation.

How do you think beyond silence?
We sat there knowing
There was no turning back,
Luck and flights wait for none.

How do you think beyond a past?
A past that never happened,
A past filled with the possibility,
Of spilling into a probable tomorrow?

How do you think beyond a glass pane?
That great divide, two degrees of separation,
As these wings spread,
The air holds me down.

How do I think beyond you?
Beyond your sweet confusion,
Of my permanency and promises,
You saw them in my eyes.

How do you move on anyway?
Continents of difference,
Should help time move faster,
Wounds drying up in the wind.

April 12, 2007


These tiny knots, million in place,

Mapping your veins, temper and state,
Gaseous, fluid, indifferent, opaque,
An army of white and red curiously mate.

They seep and crawl, run and flow,
Drift along the scar tissue on your elbow,
They play and kiss, within white spaces,
All blood red with fervour, stained sacred dresses.

It must be some parallel world,
Within these walls, the echo rings
Of a slumber, an awakening unheard,
Living on hold, ecstasy sings.

Come entwine and cuddle,
Betwixt these knots, red and white,
Wet and threatening, million in unison
Beat along my ear, my living undone.

April 8, 2007

West Orange

We'll walk into the sunset,
One bright painted sunset,
A skeleton key in my hand,
A dreamcatcher in yours,
Magic around our waists,
Wrinkles alongside your lips.

We'll walk into the sunset,
One bright painted sunset,
No music in the candles,
No fire in the flame,
All hearts broken,
Ours numb and still the same.

We'll walk into the sunset,
One bright painted sunset,
Fear paving way,
For an orange today,
Love all tired and warring,
Against your senses,

We'll walk into the sunset,
One bright painted sunset,
When all these worlds collide,
Arm in arm, hearts on the grass,
Our wooden souls unrelenting;
We'll walk away, into the west orange,
Evening summer enchanting.

April 5, 2007

K's Request

"Write something for me,"
"Why would I do so?"
"Write something for me,
And you'll know why and agree."

I know words seem glamourous,
Spetacular, dazzling,
Explosive and tempestuous,
I find them seductive too.

I know words seem intimidating,
Structure, form and sentences,
Meaning and loss, expression tainted,
I find them incredulous too.

But you, you I'll spare,
Not because I'm at a loss,
Of what to write, what not to,
What to say, what not to.

I'll spare you from expression,
Unbound and unflinched,
Within these words, beyond their spaces,
Stay a while longer.

What are these words, mere temperament,
Love forgotten, routine besieged,
What are these words when your silence shines,
When paranoia seems, a reason for a smile.

Fly, sing, wish and sigh,
I'll write some more,
I want to trap you between these words,
Within sepia paper and crowded thoughts.