November 4, 2008

This one is for Jo and Shell who have always been kind with their views on my sporadic writing spouts. Hope you both are doing well.

This pocket of space between the city and you,
This orange world, the world we know,
When we drive down a dizzy evening,
With your words in my head, singing.

The wind blows green when I touch your face,
And the earth slips by like a whisper under sheets,
Heaven swells and sighs as you stare out and say,
'How I wish it was a rainy day.'

This pungent life overpowers those flowers,
The ones you picked and threw my way,
The din of disappointment loom large here,
For streetlights steal the spaces where we stayed.

I stare far away sometimes,
And think of the skies you drew for me,
In a city that runs to catch up with nowhere,
I miss you when I wish for a rainy day.

1 comment:

g.i.johazelwoods said...

Thank you :) you have no idea how much it means. We were calling eachother in excitement soon as we saw haha *dorks*. I will email soon! Promise xx